A data transfer protocol using QR codes!


A data transfer protocol using QR codes!

What does this do?

QR.io a new way of transferring data without the need for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cables.

Why is this needed?

QR.io relies only upon a camera and a screen, with no servers or third parties needed. This enables file and data transfer without an internet connection and without pesky people snooping on your data!

How do I use this?

Currently, there is only an Android app available with our technology installed. We'd love help porting over to other platforms, like iOS!


Point your device at the GIF (using the app!)

The device will vibrate when transfer is initiated and completed.


  • Turn a file into QR codes
  • Turn those QR codes into readable files
  • Create Android app to show off the technology
  • Add file type compatibility (Transmit filename)
  • base64 encoded or ensure unicode works
  • Set headers to Byte data
  • Create an iOS app to show crosscompatability
  • Convert the app into an API for others to use in their projects
  • Enable bi-directional communication
  • Speed up data transfer
    • Use bi-directional communication to discover fastest method of transfer
    • Drop frames that were successful so they are not looped again
    • Use raw pixel data for data transfer and use QR codes as an easy/fast way to talk

How can I contribute?

Please see the issues page for current bugs / features we seek to implement.


Thomas ReichelTrevor DobbertinMatas LauzadisDimitar Pendurkov